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About us

At the forefront of identity-based digital information security and payment market for more than 8 years

Blue Bricks has been at the forefront of the identity-based digital information security and payment market for nearly 8 years now. Our identity-based data security solutions secure governments, enterprises and financial institutions in more than 50+ organizations spanning 10 countries. We have protected about million plus users with zero fraud using our security product, Axiom Protect. We have also protected 10+million API calls in last 2 years using our APIfication product, Service Guard. About 0.5+million Corporate Financial transactions are done using our payment platform, XPAY 2.0.

Proven across the world, our software platforms are in domain of multi factor authentication, web+mobile payment, Big Data analytics and its security, API management (transform, enrich, secure and monetize), intelligent messaging as our 4 pioneering products.

We take pride in solving our customers’ digital transformation challenges and working with them closely as partners (not just vendors) to solve the problem and learn from each problem to make our solutions better for future clients.

IT Automation esp. in information security, digitalization as APIs, commerce enablement etc are critical to your organization’s success esp. in Business to Business and Government to Business. Get strong digital data security and automation with BlueBrick’s complete array of next generation solutions.

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