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Value Proposition

Drive Digital Transformation Using Connect, Collaborate And Share Strategy

Salient Features

Customizable Solution

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With growth in online banking and commerce from thousands to millions customers ranging from retail consumer, high net worth individuals, corporate users, stock traders and investors etc. The need for each application is different from others. More importantly, Mobility Applications is key focus now and mobile security is still lagging as compared to web/desktop security. The security need has changed and coming years needs a different approach.

Cost, Comfort and Cool Factor (lifestyle) are three most important deciding factors from user’s perspective for chose which security token they would choose. Administration, Cost and Regulation Guidelines are three critical factors for application owner to decide what security form they wish to roll out. Technology, Trend and Traction are three critical factors for solution provider to decide how to develop and sell their product and services. Typically a financial institute or large international enterprise shall have 15-20 customer, employee, partner interfacing applications that need Protection. Deciding for each application becomes a herculean task for Application Owner and IT Team to manage and it is not practical to have individual.

IT Security Enforcement

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Axiom Protect 2.0 is comprehensive, enterprise grade, complex multiple layered identity protection and management platform designed for high performance that offers multiple applications with their own choice of authentication and transaction protection. From basic User, Password, Challenge Response (Q&A) as basic authentication mechanism to more complex OATH, OATH OCRA and RSA algorithm based multiple forms of Security tokens to choose from.

Axiom Protect 2.0 is mature, complex, proven IT Security Stack with mix and match security mechanism for varied business applications with their specific need.

Axiom offers Hardware (Mini and PIN Pad), Software (Mobile and Web) and Clientless (SMS, Voice, Email and USSD) for One Time Password and Signature One Time Password based Strong Authentication and Authorization. It also offers Non Repudiation, by its Innovative Mobile PKI Token, conventional Hardware PKI (USB Token and Smart Card Reader), Remote Signing Server and Roaming PKI with no applet or activeX dependencies.

Axiom Protect 2.0 can be deployed on premise hardware appliance or pure software deliverable. For SAAS applications, a private cloud based deployment is available on Amazon Cloud as well as Digital Ocean. For integration with business applications, Axiom Protect 2.0 has 40+ Secure Web Services over SOAP to give detailed usage and management. For on-premise deployment, it offers 1-tier, 2-tier or 3-tier deployment architecture with plug and play high availability and disaster recovery configuration.

Mobility Trust SDK for Mobile Native & Mobile Web

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Mobility is today’s buzzword and in future we will see convergence between devices, software, solutions as well as web/mobile becoming one. Every solution has to consider what will be impact of IT Security with Mobility. Axiom Protect 2.0 is already made mobile devices as focal point especially for IT Security Compliance Enforcement, that is offered through Mobility Trust SDK for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile (mobile operating systems) and HTML5 Web Browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Mobility Trust SDK can be integrated with any web or mobile application to give not just Password (what you know?), One Time Password (what you have?) but also Geo Fencing (where you are?), Mobile PKI Signing (How are you?), Hardware Device Profiling (Are you trusted?), TimeStamp based Two Way Mutual Authentication (Do you trust me?) and End To End Encryption (Trust No more on Internet?).

Any new or existing applications on web and mobile can use 3-7 APIs to become secure and trusted as per your IT Security Compliance policy. This SDK not only makes IT Security Enforcement easier for all the applications but it also helps in cost saving, operational and administrative effort reduction as well as better control through this consolidation effort. This also helps in your software suppliers to follow what business owner demands and helps in vendor solution security compliance management.

Easy CheckIn + TwoWay Auth + Secure Vault

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Axiom Protect’s latest software mobile token is security and innovation packed extension on all the customer requirements that we have gathered over last 2 years. It gives you not only OATH compliant time based One Time Password, Signature OCRA One Time Password, 2048 bit RSA keypair based Digital Certificate with Mobile PKI for non repudiation that are available. It also gives –

  • EASY Checkin: there is no need for you to asking or sharing password, OTP , SOTP for signing or transaction approval. In fact Easy Checking gives 4 security attributes in single click to combine Geo Fencing, One Time Password, Digital Signing and Device Profiling coming together. This security completely safe guards you from Man-In-the-Middle And DNS-Poisoning.
  • Two Way Push Notification on Mobile in app as well as Mobile Web/Web to do the transaction approval Or signing. This also makes it simpler user experience yet a very strong authentication is achieved. Zero Cost Mobile Push Notification for Android and iOS forms the base of it. Axiom Protect comes with inbuilt Google And Apple
  • Secure Vault is one of our most valued feature where customer/user can store their sensitive credential inside the secure container of Mobile token. Card details, Website credentials, Online banking details etc can are secured kept without any threat or stolen device. The credentials are dual protected with device profile and user key to ensure no one in the world can access these credentials.

Office 365, OutLook And 50+ Cloud Apps secured with Federated Identity based Single Sign On

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Axiom Protect 2.0 is one of the few products that brings Multi Factor Authentication to Active Directory Federated Service 2.0 (commonly know as ADFS 2.0). We have delivered high performance, plug-and-play, ADFS 2.0 MFA agent that gets the job done for enforcing high grade authentication and security. Coupled with our Easy Checkin of our latest mobile token, cloud application ADFS 2.0 controlled authentication works like a charm in terms of security, cost as well as comfort. Also you can use Google authentication token along with ADFS 2.0 to minimize your cost and reuse google OTP token in your applications.

We are also working to get Axiom Protect instance for this available on Microsoft AZURE as well as AWS Cloud for you to enjoy ready-to-use soon. For On premise, we already have Axiom Protect ready and it is running in about 100+ servers across 40+ companies around the world.

ECOPIN (PIN Delivery Automation)

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Innovative, fully automated user authentication (through various channels like SMS, Email, Voice, Web etc) enforced with System Policy Rule Enforcement followed with PIN Generation (from HSM, DB etc) followed with PIN OR Credential Delivery using multiple digital channels (esp with hack proof dual channel time differential delivery with operator approval). This system can compliment systems like IB, ATM, Mobile Banking for user account activation, password reset, change address etc with complete automation without paper and least human involvement.

Remote Signing Service (SOTP+PKI as one)

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Newly added module to bring strong enterprise grade control on its documents and transaction data for all systems to ensure rightly and correct usage of authorization. Remote Server Signing allows systems to get various transactions and PDF documents signed from the server with timestamp to mark authority of System Owner. with complete automation any system can use signing as its part of business work flow to give needed policy and control. RSS also comes with flavor with user or system authentication using password, OTP, Challenge Response to ensure it is the right party requesting for Server Signing. This is very powerful for Server To Server Automation with best security in place.

Certificate Management And Discovery Tool

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Axiom Protect has a comprehensive offering for PKI, Digital Certificate Based module with its Certificate Manager with Digital Signature (using hardware or mobile token) Web Services. You can manage end to end certificate that can be self generated or generated from Trusted Certificate Authority (CA) like global sign, TMCA, MSCTG, Digicert, Comodo and go daddy.

These certificates can be used for email protection, data protection, server SSL certificates and transaction approval. This module gives future ready approach for all the certificate based authentication as well as authorization for all the digital application. Mobile Trust is also integrated with this module too apart from its OTP management.

Apart from management, Axiom Protect also provides SSL Certificate Discovery Inbuilt to Easily Find SSL Certificates in Your Network using Web Services (SOAP/Restful).

  1. Can you remember how many SSL Certificates you have, who you bought them from, or when each of them expires?
  2. Scan an internal network or a range of public IP addresses to see details about every certificate in use, including their expiration dates and the issuing Certificate Authority.

You can integrate this with your applications and monitoring systems using our Web Services. This comes free with our Axiom Protect Paltform’s PKI Certificate Management module.

Roaming PKI with ZERO Installation

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This module is certificate centric and it allows users to have conformable roaming between devices (laptop, tabs, mobile smart phones). ZERO installation approach with dynamic pulling and self destroy after web pages is closed along with user authentication using OTP, Challenge Response, Password makes it ideal for any web or mobile work flow to add into their work flow. For Corporate and Government Work flows this is ideal security module with least user education and universal device support.

Document Protection Service

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PDF Document Signing SDK and Web Services are available for Document security. PDF documents are standard across all applications, devices which are used for giving out billing statements, transactions receipts, acknowledgements, summons, certificates, prescriptions etc.

Axiom Protect offers on Web Service driven SDK that can digitally sign, embed handwritten signature, encrypt the PDF files in bulk with high performance throughput. This enables any application/system to enjoy digitally signed and secured PDF files to be used for their users. We have tested signing of 10,000 PDF documents (each of 10 pages each) in batch with total time about 12 minutes.

QR Code Security SDK

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One strong data format that will drive the future is QR code and Axiom Protect is ready for it. Conventionally QR codes are not secured and store only plain data but with Axiom Protect we have added the missing and much needed security for QR code. Using Axiom QR Web Services, any system can secure the QR codes which are only usage by the trusted parties. This security feature enables a wide variety of value add where bills, bank statements, merchant, prepaid cards, payment requests through Scan and Pay can be built on to ensure no compromise on security and data leakage. This is patent pending technology by us which is part of axiom protect.

Secure Push Notification SDK and Service

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Today’s world is connected where push messaging has become part of our day to day live. Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Twitter all are offering social platforms available on mobile as well as web for users to enjoy. Axiom Protect also has added security Push Notification for Android and iOS through its Axiom Push SDK where your mobile app can add push notification feature. You can enjoy alerts, notifications and authentication with global reach without SMS dependency. This will save tons of money for future operations.

Recently we have also added Web Push for mobile web and web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox. This enables you to deliver secure web push for security and business related notification along with marketing

High Performance, Scalable Cloud Ready/On Premise

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Axiom Protect has been tested on AWS, Cloudera, Microsoft Azure, Windows 2010 server, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, Redhat, Sun Solaris, Sun Oracle Linux for you to enjoy your choice of deployment. We are also working to run Axiom Protect in Docker Container too.

Well tuned Axiom Protect running on 16GB RAM with 8 core cpus of 2.33GHz can give you response time of about 1 second for about 400 requests hitting simultaneously. This ensures that you can have handle 24,000 requests per minute. In addition, Axiom Protect HA Connector, available in Java and .NET, is implementation of round robin software load balancer, to provide 5x to 10x higher performance from single server and also automatically manage fail over to other

OS or Server indepedent software, that enables 3x-5x more load with a combination of more than 1 instance. Our stress test team has tested upto 1400 API calls per second without any drop in response.

Especially for financial and public sectors, on-premise requirement is always there, Axiom Protect can be deployed in less than 3 days with cluster setup to offer its features.

Real measurable Impact

Here are a few choice statistics.

faster to enforce IT Security for web and mobile

automation for new application onboarding

return on investment within first 6 months or 2 applications

cost saving in each integration

protection from digital attacks at application level

boost in customer confidence in your brand

IT security policy enforcement for all services

higher readiness for app development teams

lower integration time

uptime of security system for all applications/systems