Service Guard

Service Guard

Next Generation API Economy Enabler – Helping You To Strategize, Transform, Secure, Enrich, Manage + Monetize Your Legacy And Future Services.

Value Proposition

Drive Digital Transformation Using Connect, Collaborate And Share Strategy

Salient Features

Build + Host New Micro Services and Their Network

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Without engineering expertize, you can import legacy and existing systems service and very same day you can expose application functionality as services and create a standards-based architecture. Host existing services in Service Guard’s lightweight service container along with versioning and different security and business policies.

Service Guard’s architectural features contribute to build your high performance and enterprise production ready micro services and network of micro services. You can have 10 to 100 to 1000 services for your internal systems as well as external partners/systems. Extend your legacy systems into new secured services for next generation web and mobile applications.

Mediate, Transform and Securely Orchestrate Services

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Separate business logic from protocols and message formats for rapid, nimble development and long-term flexibility. Coordinate services and expose them composite applications to support business processes. Transformation empowers that you make desired micro services based on your choice. Web Services (SOAP, Restful) along with reserver proxy HTTPS / HTTP can be mediated with needed security.

Companies fighting to compete in today’s hypercompetitive world face demanding customers and ever more complex supply chains. Organizations must find ways to drive shorter new product introduction cycles, while handling a more complex supplier ecosystem. The challenges of maintaining B2B/EDI interactions with suppliers and trading partners are constraining organizations’ ability to compete.

Transform, Control Visibility plus Release Versions

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Service Guard gives you the ability to transform the old legacy or private service (e.g. Web Service, HTTP Post, DB etc) into new completely different transformed new WSDL (SOAP) or WADL (Restful) with SWAGGER support. More importantly you can give different name, change visibility of input parameters (basic as well as user defined complex data types) to transform them for exposing to your 3rd parties. Service Guard is NOT REVERSE Proxy; it is true client server derivative making it very powerful where you can do anything technically possible. Additionally you can release different versions without distrubing previous services published to new and existing partners/developers. You can do this for sandbox (testing) and production (live) services.

Enrichment (Beating Others out right)

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You have a need for adding credit card masking, adding session and password encryption to your existing service, that is not possible in old generation API managers because of their inherit architecture as reverse proxy only. However, in Service Guard you can add your own code into each Service API to handle the incoming and outgoing data. This feature called Enrichment allows you to your code into the “plug and play” framework for each service and each API to manipulate or monitor anything and everything that is moving in and out of service guard.

It can be used for security, audit, data manipulation, data masking, data addition etc. We have already created multiple value added enrichment filters for your to enjoy. We also provide services to make more technically challenging enrichment filters if you want us to write for you.

Developer Portal and its Administration Interface

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This is the one of the most pioneering work that we have done in Service Guard. Portal along with its administration is flexible, feature rich, mobile friendly, dynamic in nature and it is internet facing with not just exposing the service but it is also end to end interface for partner on boarding, authorization, digital certificate + API keys management, partner team management, sandbox testing tool, API usage, Sandbox to Live Authorization, Automated API Token Assignment, Certificate Assignment, Package Allocation, One time password based password request/reset etc are few to mention.

The success of any API management can be defined by how their Developer API portal is. Service Guard takes pride in offering Developer Portal and its complimentary Developer Administration Portal. Along with that there is Resource Owner Settlement Portal where outside resource owners can also come and check their revenue generated through service guard.

Social Network like Facebook, Google And Linkedin login is also available for Developer portal for onboarding and quick login for new developers.

Packages, Billing, Payment and Settlement (KO again)

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We did a detailed survey to understand how customers are looking at APIs and what are their pain points. One of the prominent pain was – packaging and its billing. You want to build your services after transformation, enrichment, versioning etc but still you want to make different packages for your services. Say you are a telco and you wish to package 5-6 or even 10 packages with different tiers of billing for SMS, Text To Speech, Pre Paid Payment, Voice Call, Video Conference Call, Internet Service and other services.

No API management platforms provide this end to end packaging and associated billing. Service Guard does A-La-Cart Packaging (dynamic packaging) along with billing for all the API calls. It does not stop there, we also added support for online invoicing and payment (using stripe, paypal and xpay – any payment gateway can be added) to give revenue generation also as part of our platform.

With complete self-service payment, you can run your APIs without any manual human intervention with 1000s developers paying for your services. Lastly within your enterprise or outside you will have resource service owner (e.g. as Telco you will have SMS team, Voice team, Pre Paid Team etc) that can come to settlement portal with their own login credentials to check their resource API usage and % revenue generated. Service Guard supports % based revenue sharing between multiple parties.

Support for IoT, Database and EDI Ready

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Today’s world and tomorrow’s world will have one thing different – Connectivity. Intel says – 90% of today’s devices are not connected to internet and will be connected by 2030. Devices can be anything and we have also not ignored the future of “Internet of Things”. In Service Guard, we are supporting MQTT publisher and subscriber model to give your IOT startup have fully controlled and secured API driven IOT ecosystem.

Service Guard completely modernizes B2B by extending API-led connectivity approach to B2B and EDI use cases. Companies can now build reusable services across multiple B2B trading partners and B2B processes on a single connectivity platform. This enables increased agility and decreased time for partner onboarding, while reducing cost and risk. Parse, validate and transform B2B/EDI messages, including X12 and EDIFACT. Send and receive data using B2B/EDI specific transport protocols, such as HTTP, HTTPS, Socket, Secure Socket and FTPS as well as any customized protocol can be supported with “plug and play” resource service support.

Thirdly, RDMS databases like Oracle, DB2, Mysql, MSSQL are the DB source and our customers repeatedly asked for Service Guard to APIfy the DB tables with selected columns and changed names. We have done the same where you can transform, control and enrich any JDBC interfaced database to be imported into Service Guard core portal and then have Web Service APIs (SOAP or Restful) based on your requirement.

High Performance, Scalable Cloud Ready/On Premise

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Service Guard has been tested on AWS, Cloudera, Microsoft Azure, Windows 2010 server, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, Redhat, Sun Solaris, Sun Oracle Linux for you to enjoy your choice of deployment. We are also working to run Service Guard in Docker container too.

Well tuned Service Guard on 16GB RAM with 8 core cpus of 2.33GHz can give you latency of 25micro seconds for about 500 requests hitting simultaneously. This ensures that you can have handle 30,000 requests per minute with minimal lag added. In addition, Service Guard comes with its own clustering, OS or Server indepedent software, that enables 3x-5x more load with a combination of more than 1 instance. Our stress test team has tested upto 1400 API calls per second without any drop in response.

Especially for banking and public sector, on-premise requirement is always there, Service Guard can be deployed in less than 3 days with cluster setup to offer its features.

Best of Security for Mobile, Web And Server

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Oracle OSB can only support WS-Security for WSDL SOAP with Weblogic. The cost becomes 3x by this simple feature request. However in Service Guard we have build no 3rd party dependency like Weblogic, WS-Security and Complete Certificate Management is done within Service Guard. This ensures low cost, no additional software procurement for you to roll out Service Guard with highest level of security. For Server to Server Security, you can use WS-Security based security (Encryption and Signing) and Two Way HTTPS (Digital Certificate based) Mutual Authentication for RESTFul calls.

Another awesome security offering apart from API Keys is “Application Level Data Protection” where json or xml data is encrypted and signed at mobile (iOS and Android) native application Or mobile web browser (any web or mobile web browser supporting javascript). This Mobile Native and Web Security SDK is bundled free with Service Guard. IF you are making mobile and web application that cannot support SOAP then Service Guard will ensure you have best security in place with its Mobile Trust Security SDK. You can call the Service Guard’s transformed and enriched RESTFUL Web service from mobile native or mobile web application and use Mobile Trust SDK for security.

Realtime Debugging, Performance Analytics, Resource Monitoring

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Service Guard gives much needed business intelligence and troubleshooting to ensure that the health of the complete micro services network is good. Real Time Debugging is one of the cool features where Service Guard Owner can enable real time data traffic (raw data)

Dynamic API Documentation and Sample Code

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Your developer portal can make or break your API. Service Guard Developer Portal takes the guesswork out of onboarding by providing developers a centralized place for discovering all the tools they need to successfully use your API: interactive docs, tutorials, code snippets and examples.

  • Generate documentation automatically from an API specification
  • SWAGGER support for published RESTFUL Web Services.
  • Theme portals to match organizational branding
  • Provide developers with “Ready to use” sample code in 10 different programming languages
  • Inbuild Sandbox testing tool
  • API calling sequence listing to tell
  • Test to Live account request authorization flow to ensure developer
  • Create interactive tutorials on mocked APIs or real service implementations
  • Provision access automatically or trigger approval workflows

BIG Data API-fication (Knock Out Feature)

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We all will agree that we cannot ignore big data anymore. Hadoop, hive, spark, MapR, Pig, Fume etc are all becoming part of Direct messages based on their content or rules; filter, aggregate and re-sequence them as needed. Deliver synchronous and asynchronous events, transactions, streaming, and routing patterns, all with no code.

Rolling out An ESB for the Modern Enterprise

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For companies looking to modernize and unlock the value of existing on-premises systems and applications, an enterprise service bus (ESB) architecture serves as a critical foundation layer for SOA. When deployed as an ESB, the Service Guard Worker Engine combines the power of data and application integration across legacy systems and SaaS applications, with a seamless path to the other capabilities of this Platform and the full power of API-led connectivity.

  • Unified connectivity: Build integrations for use cases ranging from the simple extension of legacy services with lightweight APIs, to the advanced SOA re-platforming for connectivity across the entire enterprise.
  • Lowest Friction Mule ESB is designed for speed and productivity with pre-built connectors and templates, out-of-the-box management and an architecture that can scale up and scale out as your needs evolve
  • Future Proof: Mule ESB lets you quickly service enable assets or design enterprise grade integrations and run them anywhere – on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments at the push of a button

Mobile Centric Services & Unique benefits for mobile

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Service Guard Platform for Mobile enables a design first approach to mobile development with API-led connectivity for fast, easy, and governed access to any data from backend systems, legacy databases, and SaaS applications. Shrink development times without sacrificing visibility and control. Businesses can now quickly design, build, manage and analyze APIs to connect mobile apps to data from Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP, Siebel and many other popular enterprise platforms and services.

  • Connect mobile to anything: With connectivity to all sources of key data including legacy systems, custom databases and SaaS, mobile developers can quickly develop modern apps while tapping into the best of the enterprise
  • Fast to build, fast to change: Service Guard allows app developers to consume APIs, quickly mock up and build new APIs, rapidly compose APIs from other API building blocks, and self serve data from heavy back-end systems through data gateways without any fuss
  • Agility without loss of control: Every component of Service Guard Platform for Mobile has built in enterprise grade capabilities to free IT from worrying about things like governance, registration, testing, policies, and SLA Benefits
  • Move beyond point-to-point integration: Adopt an API-led connectivity approach that abstracts away the complexities of EDI
  • Onboard partners more rapidly: Apply a microservice orientation to your B2B architecture that allows re-use of business logic across trading partners
  • Take control of your EDI solution: Leverage a single ESB, API Management and EDI solution across all of your connectivity needs

Real measurable Impact

Here are a few choice statistics.

development time for products, services and apps

automation for partner onboarding

cost saving in each integration

higher productivity for app development teams

automation for partner onboarding

scalable and relicable micro services

lower integration time

IT security policy enforcement for all services

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